Put a Bow on it

jsjoseac_dkjxdvsnc21dkij6xkeh_lk4_4egm6-ft8Bows, both playful and distinctly feminine, this accent works great with a variety of outfits. Pair a bowed accessory with your structured pieces for a sophisticated look or create a more playful ensemble by adding an accessory with a bow on it to an already girly outfit.


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Inspiration: Giambattista Valli Couture



VAL_0319.450x675  VAL_0640.450x675






Paris Couture Week is a time of true artistic inspiration. One of our favorite collections this season was that of the master Giambattista Valli. The crisp black and white stripes shown in unexpected ways were both progressive and wearable. Our true favorite aesthetic from the show were ball gown skirts topped with pajama blouses. The juxtaposition of the casual wear tops with feathered and ruffled pastel skirts was in one word genius. How would you wear these looks in the real world?

Images via: Style.com

Friday Find: Floral Blush “Winston” Oversized Envelope Clutch by Mel Boteri


What is it: The Floral Blush “Winston” Oversized Envelope Clutch by Mel Boteri

Why we love it: This ladylike clutch is the perfect summer neutral. Blush looks good with literally everything, and the size and shape of this bag is perfect for daytime or nightime.

Wear it with: Anything and everything.

Aqua Collection


Call it what you want…tiffany blue, teal, aqua, this tone has many names but they all mean one thing, summertime chic. We love the way this shade instantly takes us on vacation. It is luxurious, fun, and calming. What’s your favorite way to wear aqua?



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70s Fashion Inspiration


70s inspiration 3


70s inspiration 11


70s inspiration 4


70s inspiration


70s inspiration 10


70s inspiration 7


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70s inspiration 13


70s inspiration 14


70s Style

70s inspiration 6  70s inspiration 8    70s inspiration 12

This summer we have seen so many silhouettes inspired by the 70′s. Crop tops, bright orange, loose pants, platform shoes, turbans, and tons of mini dresses. What’s your favorite way to go retro chic and wear some 1970′s inspired fashion?


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