Feathers Collection


Feathers (like flowers) are another accent that can either be feminine or bohemian. Circle and Square’s feathered pins are perfect to cinch the back of a loose tee (instant alterations). A single feather necklace looks wonderful layered with other chains of different lengths and colors. How do you like to wear feathers?


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Fashion Week Edit from James R. Sanders

This season is all about statement accessories, pieces that can stand on their own. Right after New York Fashion Week, the industry migrates to London for more shows and presentations. One of the biggest trends among those in the industry is functionality and practical luxury. With so many parties and collections happening all around New York, editors and bloggers are looking for accessories that can transition from day to night. These pieces are perfect for fashion week and day to night activities.

James R. Sanders is a freelance fashion journalist and red carpet stylist based in New York. Some of his credits include: Vogue Italy, The Huffington Post, Ebony.com, and Glamour South Africa. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @JamesRSanders.

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New York Fashion Week Street Style

















Fashion week is over but the photos have not faded from our minds. This year we were watching the streets just as much as the shows. Bloggers, editors, celebrities, and other such a-listers really brought it this year. Their style was unique and independent. Truly inspiring!

Images via Vogue

Friday Find: Taiji Necklace


What is it: The Taiji Necklace from Pet Pigeons.

Why we love it: This gorgeous piece made of gunmetal and copper is both stately and tranquil. Taiji is understood to be the highest conceivable principle, Movement and tranquility, that from which existence flows.

Wear it with: The Dhyana bracelet.

Sunny Yellow Collection


As the sunshine fades and Fall rolls in, we’ve decided we aren’t going to let it go so quickly. We’re bringing our own sunshine! Bright yellow is the perfect tone to elevate our spirits as the lovely Summer weather cools. You can’t help but have a smile on your face while you are wearing the happiest of all hues.


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Inspiration: Parsons MFA Fashion Show

Many times the most creative designers are those who are green. Young designers don’t have the comfort of an established aesthetic to fall back on, which makes them more innovative and exciting. We loved what we saw from Parsons MFA Fashion Show. The designs were unique; everything from the fabrications to the silhouettes to the details was distinctive. Keep an eye on these new MFA graduates, we have a feeling we’ll be seeing more from them very soon.

Images via: Style.com

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